What to Consider for Bathroom Remodeling in Olympia

Bathroom remodeling does not need to be a stressful undertaking with a team like Showalter Building Company on the job. Home renovation has myriad benefits, and a great place to start is with one of the most used rooms in the home: the bathroom. Choosing the right contractor goes a long way, but where does the planning process start, and how long might the renovation process take?
The Showalter Building Company can answer all these questions, and more, including professional tips on how valuable a bathroom remodel could be as an investment in the property.

Three Reasons to Start Thinking About Bathroom Remodeling

Putting money into a simple bathroom makeover is not a high priority for most homeowners, but the potential benefits can be surprisingly rewarding.



Other than necessity, one of the main motivations for homeowners to renovate is to raise the property value without too much effort. Simple changes make a huge difference. For example, upgraded cabinets and a new shower head can make it seem like an entirely different bathroom.


An older home might look outdated, even if it was an eye-catching masterpiece according to former design trends. A current owner might prefer how modern bathrooms look, and sometimes, this is easy to update with fixtures, a fresh coat of paint, a set of new cabinets, or a trendy new vanity. Leave kitsch trends in the past and bring the bathroom into the new millennium.


A more practical reason to remodel a bathroom is safety or accessibility. Whether there are small children to worry about or a disabled adult at home, renovations can increase the functionality of the room and ensure safe access for all.
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How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take?

Renovations are highly customized undertakings, which also means that the timeline will be unique for each project. The bathroom remodeling timeline will depend on:

  • how much electrical and plumbing work needs to take place
  • the materials, fittings, and cabinetry in the final design
  • whether there is structural work or customized fixtures to make

Chat with The Showalter Building Company team to get a better idea of what goes into the planning process.

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Useful Tips and Popular Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

A new bathroom design should fit the household’s practical needs but also reflect a personal sense of style. Our team can customize every aspect of the design, from cabinets and faucets to toilets and tiles.

We have years of experience and amazing ideas for how bathroom renovation can:

  • increase property value
  • transform a tiny bathroom into a spacious haven
  • employ every bit of space more effectively
  • make simple changes for a grand transformation
  • maximize comfort

Is a separate bathtub and shower the goal? What would you like to see in that space? Our experienced contractors can bring that vision to life with popular bathroom remodeling ideas like:

  • a double sink vanity
  • an alcove or clawfoot tub
  • a pedestal sink
  • thermostatic or digital showers
  • ceramic tiles, carpet tiles, and more

Finding the Right Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling bathrooms is a breeze with a team that has an eye for design, the right skills, and all the equipment needed. Our local contractors are happy to answer your questions so that you can maximize the comfort of your new bathroom and confidently make the investment in the property’s future market prospects.

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