Exploring The Bigelow House Museum in Olympia, Washington

The Bigelow House Museum is dedicated to educating people about Olympia’s history. The museum achieves this by preserving the items that the original owners of the house owned. Each room in the Bigelow House Museum tells a different story, and there is so much to learn because the house was set in a different period.

This was a period when three generations occupied the house. There are volunteers and staff at the house who offer guidance to guests. These employees will take you around the house, educating you on different matters and answering any questions you might have. These volunteers are also knowledgeable about the many historical attractions in Olympia.

Interior tours of the Bigelow House Museum are scheduled for around 45 minutes. You don’t have to book a reservation if you want to tour the Bigelow House Museum. You can go any time you are free. The Bigelow House gives you an idea of a homesteading lawyer who built a house for himself and his family.

What’s unique about the house is that the furnishings and the house itself stayed in the same family until it was eventually turned into a small museum. It is filled with original furniture, paintings and musical instruments, which are fascinating to people who love vintage house items.

You will be in the same room with furniture made in the 1840s, which is interesting enough on its own. The Bigelow House Museum also features personal family articles and great stories. You get to learn about the history and achievements of the family. You can also learn about each of the family members and the impact they had on the history of Olympia.

While touring the museum, you can look out the window and see beautiful modern homes. If you are visiting Olympia for the first, visiting the Bigelow House Museum can give you insight of what living in the town is like. The docents giving the tours are thorough, and you can enjoy listening to them talking about the history of the beautiful house.

Since there is no set entrance fee, the docents usually ask for donations, but you can choose not to donate if you don’t have money. An additional reason why you should visit the Bigelow House Museum is that there is plenty of free street parking provided for guests. This is a huge benefit, since parking in Olympia can be at a premium sometimes.

However, your car will be safe in the street next to the museum, and the bonus is you don’t have to pay parking fees. You can also stroll through the gardens of the Bigelow House Museum, as they are beautiful and well maintained. The tour hours are usually limited to Sundays, meaning you will have a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon.

You can also visit the museum as a couple and learn Olympia’s history together.

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