Learn More About Olympia’s Deschutes River

Deschutes River is a very peaceful place, which you should consider visiting every once in a while. If you are interested in floating the Deschutes River, you can rent tubes for your entire family. You can then reschedule a shuttle bus ride back to your car. There is also a fully stocked retail store near the Deschutes River where you can purchase all the items you need to float the river.

For instance, you can purchase footwear, sun wear, hats, dry bags, snacks and refreshments from the retail store. Before you float the Deschutes River, you will receive a comprehensive safety talk that covers river safety and river orientation. Investing in personal flotation devices, which are given to you at no extra charge, is also crucial.

Again, you must understand that you are floating along a river with potential hazards like rocks, branches, current and more. There are no guides along the river, so you must be aware and stay safe. You can choose from the different river recreation options provided. For instance, you can float from one park to another for an hour.

You can also float to the Farewell Bend, on the other side of the Deschutes River. On that side, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the beach and McKay Park. If you are an experienced kayaker or river surfer, you can float to the Bend Whitewater Park. This park is built on the location of a former dam, and it is a must-see attraction when floating on the Deschutes River.

One of the most interesting things to do when floating on the Deschutes River is paddling. It is a great physical activity you can engage in with your family and friends. You can go rafting on the Deschutes River on a hot day. You can also choose to swim in the river if you are floating on a hot day.

From Sundriver to Bend, you can enjoy the beautiful vegetation along the Deschutes River, which is a combination of different plants. You can choose to hike the trail along the river or kayak from Dillon falls up to Benham falls. You can also choose to go fishing in the Deschutes River and get a chance to catch different fish varieties.

Additionally, you can scroll through Drake Park. Another activity you can do in Deschutes River is Geocaching along the river or sitting on a bench and watching the swans from Pioneer Park. Similarly, you can watch white water rafting at Big Eddy. Another activity in Deschutes River is enjoying drinks and appetizers on the patio of the grills along the rover.

Again, the Deschutes River is a great place for dog owners. When you visit

the river with your dog, they can swim in the water while you rest. There are multiple activities you can do when visiting the Deschutes River. If you are looking to enjoy a memorable time, consider visiting with a group of friends and family.

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