Explore Tolmie State Park in Olympia, Washington

Tolmie State Park offers peaceful walking trails for people looking to walk by the beach. You can visit the park in the morning, afternoon or evening. While walking in Tolmie State Park, you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the ocean and the surrounding cedar trees, forest mosses and elegant ferns.

Tolmie State Park is close to Olympia, Tacoma and other surrounding communities. A forest backs the park, but the main draw to the park is the beach. This park is the perfect landing place for families looking to spend the afternoon in the outdoors. However, if you are not interested in interacting with multiple people, you should consider visiting over the weekend.

The park has shaded trails that provide over three miles of hiking. Additionally, the park provides a great spot for fishing. Therefore, if you are interested, you can bring your muck boots and permits. You should also ensure you check the tides before you start your experience. Tolmie State Park is separated into three parts.

There is the upper area, the lower beach and the lower trails. The upper area is mainly a parking space for the guests of the park. There is a lower parking lot that can be easily accessed through the short trail to the lower area’s beach. You can also walk down the steep hill to access the lower parking lot.

The lower beach is mainly rock, but you can access an area with mud and sand where you can turn over rocks and find crabs. Basically, when walking down the beach, you can find crabs everywhere, which is a great memory for you and your kids. You can also find oysters and bald eagles at the beach.

There is a trail leading to the sandy beach, and you can take a walk in the evening with your dog or family during a low tide. If you love hiking through the greenery, you can walk through the main trail since it is well preserved and is surrounded by a thick forest. The staff at the Tolmie State Park are extremely helpful, and they are there to help if you encounter any issues.

Additionally, Tolmie State Park sells a yearly pass at a very affordable fee, and the pass allows you to access other State Parks in Washington. In addition, Tolmie State Park has picnic tables where you can spend time bonding with your kids. Again, taking a picnic is good for your mental and physical health.

You get the opportunity to leave your everyday busy life and be in a peaceful environment for hours. You can self-reflect to learn more about yourself, which improves your wellbeing. You can also visit the underwater park in Tolmie State Park that was built by scuba divers. The park has an underwater park for scuba divers, a forest, a beach and a saltwater marsh.

The park also features abundant wildlife. You can visit the underwater park if you love scuba diving or if you want to explore the wildlife and the forest.

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