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What You Should Know Before Starting Your Home Remodeling Project

Home improvement projects have a reputation for being torturous, with delayed deadlines and surprise costs for items you didn’t know needed fixing. In the end, you might spend big bucks on a remodeling project without much to show for it. But you shouldn’t have to suffer through a nightmare to get the home remodel of your dreams.

Choosing the right contractor goes a long way in having a successful renovation project. More importantly, having an experienced contractor you can trust is essential.

You should always shop and get estimates before committing to a home remodeling project. You’ll want to be permitted to make your material selections, compare hourly labor costs, and check that they have all the right insurance.

What is the remodeling process?


Get a Quote

The first thing you should do is find a contractor you can trust for estimates. Most construction companies offer a free quote so you can compare costs and choose the company that is right for the job at a price you can afford.


Develop a Design

The next step in the remodeling process is to select a design. You will discuss your design selection with the contractor while getting your quote, and together, you should reach a design agreement before settling on a final price estimate.

Creation of Blueprints

Your contractor will have someone draw up blueprints and obtain necessary permits for any major structural changes planned for the home.

Finalize the Plan

Once you and your contractor have determined design and materials, plus drawn up blueprints and gotten any necessary permits, the plan can be finalized and a contract signed.


The final step to your home remodel is construction. Your contractor will come in and get the work done so you can enjoy your beautifully renovated space.
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Everything You Need to Know About Home Remodeling Contracts

There’s much to know before you get started on any renovation project. We’ve covered the most important home remodeling FAQs to ask before beginning any home remodel project.

What is the difference between a design agreement and an estimate?

A design agreement is between the homeowner and contractor; it outlines the design portion of a remodel. This agreement does not include the final pricing of the project or any details beyond the design factors.

An estimate, on the other hand, is a free quote for services. This quote is where a contractor provides an estimate on the final cost, based on the scope of the remodeling project.

How long will my home renovation project take?

Just like cost, the length of time your home renovation project will take depends on the work it requires. Tearing out cabinets and appliances will take longer than simply refacing your existing cabinetry. If you’re planning a full home remodel, you may want to consider working on one room at a time if you plan to live at home during the project completion. However, if you’re remodeling a home to move into or as a business investment, you would be better off getting everything done at once.

How much will my home remodeling project cost?

The cost of a home remodel will vary greatly depending on the materials being used, the amount of work that needs to be done, and the general market costs for labor in your area. It will also depend on the part or parts of your home that you want to renovate. For example, a kitchen remodel may cost you more than a bathroom remodel.

What insurance should my contractor have?

The type of insurance your contractors are required to carry will vary depending on your area. However, all businesses should have business licenses, worker’s compensation insurance, and comprehensive general liability insurance. Always ask your contractor for proof of insurance before signing any contract for home remodeling services.

How can I save money on a full home remodeling project?

There are several ways you can save money on your home remodel. You don’t want to skimp too much on material selections, so one of the best ways to save money without going the DIY route is to remodel one room at a time. Handling rooms successively may take longer, but it will stretch the costs so there’s not an instant blow to the budget. 

Have More Questions?

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