Full Kitchen Remodeling Near Olympia, Washington

There are plenty of reasons to consider a full kitchen remodel, whether it is in a recently purchased home or a promising investment property. It is an instant facelift that splashing on a new coat of paint cannot rival. A kitchen renovation is for anyone looking to add value to a property for long-term gains, no matter the scope of the project.

Showalter Building Company makes the renovation process as simple and stress-free as possible. But, what can homeowners expect from a full kitchen remodel in Olympia, Washington?

How Long Does A Full Kitchen Remodel Take And What Might It Cost?


So many factors affect the pricing and turnaround time for kitchen makeovers in Olympia, WA. Replacing cabinetry and appliances may be a quick project with very few complexities. However, an older kitchen will probably need some electrical work and could take slightly longer to pull together.


The cost will also vary depending on the kitchen design, including fittings, chosen materials, flooring, paintwork, and many other factors. Changing the structural layout and the types of appliances takes longer and may cost more, depending on your tastes. It also matters whether the design includes in-stock kitchen cabinets or requires some time to make and install custom cabinets.


A reliable contractor like Showalter Building Company will be happy to walk the homeowner through each decision and help them keep the project within budget. One standard recommendation in a full kitchen remodel is 10 to 20% leeway in the budget for unexpected repairs or snags that inevitably happen along the way.

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How To Decide Whether Kitchen Renovations are Going to Add Value

Will the decision to remodel your kitchen bring in what you expect? If it is in the early stages of an idea, it may feel challenging to justify undertaking such a huge project. However, there are countless benefits to remodeling your Olympia kitchen that go beyond a fresh aesthetic.

Common reasons to remodel a kitchen include:

  • a potential increase in the property’s value
  • a chance to update to energy-efficient smart appliances
  • an excuse to replace outdated wiring or electrical work that is past its useful life

Aesthetics are a standalone reason for some homeowners, especially since anyone can customize a house into a dream home with some intentional, often minor tweaks to the fittings or layout. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and it is an excellent place to start.

Why Choose Showalter Building Company for Olympia Kitchen Remodels?

A home remodel project is a big commitment, but the right contractor will make it simple and cost-effective. A choice like Showalter Building Company will never skimp on the quality of materials or the work required. Our team’s experience ensures that every detail is perfect, with unrivaled craftsmanship, great customer service, and an exceptional standard of work.

Call Showalter Building Company at 717.371.3610 today and ask us how our design professionals can make a resounding success of any full kitchen remodel in Olympia, Washington.