Explore Olympia’s Millersylvania State Park

Millersylvania State Park has fun activities for everyone. The park is conveniently parked between Olympia and Centralia, making it a perfect landing spot for children and adults. For instance, couples can spend a romantic night at the park because there is a luxury glamping site meant for this purpose specifically.

There is also a historic kitchen shelter where you can gather with your friends. These kitchen shelters were built in the 1930s, meaning you get a chance to feel like you are in the 1930s when sitting in those shelters. The park features two swimming beaches, and a few minutes of swimming on these beaches can help relax your muscles, release stress and enjoy deep sleep.

Swimming on the beach with your loved ones can also keep you happy in the long run. In addition, the Millersylvania State Park features miles of forested hiking and biking trails. Walking and biking on these trails allow you to enjoy the gazing trees, flowers and wildlife. By the time you leave, you can feel restored and rejuvenated.

Walking in the forests of Millersylvania State Park can strengthen your immune system, reduce blood pressure and increase energy. Once you leave, you will have a better mood, and you can regain your focus. You should also consider visiting Millersylvania State Park because you can rent kayaks, pedal boats and paddleboards.

You can also enjoy fishing if that is something you love. Millersylvania State Park also has over fifty standard campsites and hookup sites. There are also cabins at the Lakeside Cottage at Millersylvania that accommodates up to six guests. This cottage provides a perfect way to enjoy the park with all the comfort of being at home.

The cottage is in the center of the park, situated on the edge of the lake. It is a private location surrounded by lush vegetation; while staying at the cottage, you can choose to go fishing or enjoy the trails in a private area. If you intend to stay at the Millersylvania State Park for more than a day, you can take advantage of the nearby vacation rentals that are offered at affordable rates.

Dog owners are allowed to visit the park with their dogs as long as they keep them on a leash. Again, the Millersylvania State Park provides RV parking spots for guests. This is amazing for people traveling with their families. You can park your RV and go for a hike the following day. The staff at the park are friendly and accommodating, and they will offer you any help you need.

The staff is not usually there during the off-season, meaning you can enjoy hiking almost by yourself. There is also a beer garden at Millersylvania State Park, which offers different varieties of beers. This is one of the reasons you should consider visiting the park with your friends. In addition, you can rent a boat and go around the lake.

There are multiple trees and branches underwater, and you can clearly see them through the clear water.

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