Are you questioning if your kitchen needs a makeover? Is the backsplash not as vibrant as it once was? Maybe your kitchen can’t keep up with your storage needs.

It might be time to remodel your kitchen if you feel unsatisfied with your current kitchen. Kitchen remodeling is a big investment that can boost property value and make mealtimes and entertaining enjoyable family time. So, we are here to ask you the questions you need to ask yourself before remodeling your kitchen.

Signs You Need Kitchen Remodeling

These are the most common signs it’s time to start planning a kitchen remodel.

Worn-out or Outdated Cabinets

Do your cabinets seem to overflow, and your counters never have enough space? This could mean it is time for an upgrade. When it comes to storage, the easiest fix is usually to replace your cabinets and counter.

Replace cabinets with functionality and fashion in mind and give your kitchen the facelift it needs while opening your space. This will allow you to use your kitchen to its full potential.

Lacking Good Kitchen Design

A good kitchen design can make or break your cooking space. A well-designed kitchen can lead to better flow and easier cleaning.

There are many things to consider when planning out a kitchen’s design. For example, how many cooks will be in the kitchen? This helps avoid bunched together and tight spaces.

If you like to entertain, you might consider a fun kitchen backsplash and a kitchen island where guests can sit while you cook. A good kitchen designer will ask these questions when you decide to remodel your kitchen to make sure your kitchen fits your needs.

Your Space Is Not Efficient

Many kitchens have appliances well past their life expectancy. While older appliances still work, they tend to use more energy and take up more time.

New appliances can add to the kitchen’s aesthetic and keep up while saving you money. Although all new appliances may be expensive, it is worth the investment. Also, if your appliances are mismatched, this is the perfect way to upgrade to a more cohesive design, like all stainless steel.

Your Kitchen Is Dark

While it may seem like a minor detail, lighting can significantly affect your space. A dim kitchen can feel cramped and make it difficult when preparing food.

Maximizing your lighting not only increases visibility but can also make the space feel larger. You can better light your kitchen by adding fixtures or creating new windows. Other techniques include coloring your walls or subway tile backsplash a brighter color, properly cleaning reflective surfaces, and creating a more open concept in terms of design.

Remodel Your Kitchen with Showalter Building Company

Before taking on this renovation project, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want out of your new kitchen. Make sure you have a budget worked out to help you make these decisions. Then call us at Showalter Building Company in Olympia, WA today at (717) 371-3610 to schedule a free phone consultation. Together, we can build the kitchen of your dreams.