Learn More About Washington State Capital Building

The Washington State Capital Building has multiple sights and attractions for visitors to pass their time on. Most of these attractions are outdoors and can be visited daily. One of the attractions of the Washington State Capital Building is the Legislative Building which is open to individuals daily except on holidays.

This is because volunteers lead public tours of the building. You have the option of guiding yourself or enjoying a free guided tour. The Legislative Building hosts the Governor’s offices and the Washington State Legislature. On the inside, the building is decorated with chandeliers and marbles from five different countries.

Another attraction is the Governor’s Mansion, the oldest building in the Washington State Capital. It has been home to governors in Washington for decades. The mansion boasts elegant furnishings, artwork and historical heirlooms. You can spend your day touring this mansion and learn about the governors of Washington.

Most of the Washington State Capital Building is a National Historic District, consisting of landscaping that was originally designed by the Olmsted Brothers. You can find shrub paintings on the west side of the building. Most of these shrubs have amazing stories behind them. The east and West campuses have examples of sustainable landscaping practices.

If you are looking to establish a sustainable landscape in your home, you can learn a lot from these practices. You can book an appointment if you want to enjoy botanical tours of the Washington State Capital Building. When visiting the Washington State Capital Building, you can also see different memorials and works of art.

For instance, there is a World War II Memorial that honors Washington residents who served in World War II. In addition, the Law Enforcement Memorial pays tribute to law enforcement officers who continually give their lives to the line of duty. These are other memorials that pay homage to different residents of Washington who have contributed to the greatness of the town in one way or another.

The Washington State Capital Building also features over 100 species of trees. You can learn the history and stories behind these trees through the self-guided booklets offered to guests. Most of the trees have Native American names that are also included in the booklets. As you walk around the Washington State Capital Building, you will also see the Temple of Justice.

This is where you can find the Supreme Court, the Governor’s Mansion and the offices of the House of Representatives. Another reason you should visit the Washington State Capital Building is if you love weddings. You might catch an ongoing wedding because the Capital Building is a gorgeous location to get married or celebrate a special event.

There is also a Sunken Garden at the Washington State Capital Building. You can take pictures of the beautiful plants and flowers in the garden. Since there is varying things to do at the Washington State Capital Building, you can enjoy a full day of interesting activities.

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